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Formerly Sarnia-Lambton Business Development Corporation, we’ve got a new name and look!

Business Builder Workshops

We regularly host workshops in communities across Lambton County. Visit our event page to find out when the next one's happening near you.

Our topics include...

Financial Literacy 1: Understanding Financial Documents

Training new and existing business owners to understand and analyze essential financial documents.

Learn About

  • Revenue and Expense Projections
  • Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheets

Financial Literacy 2: Cashflow, Margins & Mark-Up

Expanding from the concepts covered in Financial Literacy 1, this session will teach participants the fundamentals of cash flow management.

Learn About

  • Margin and Mark-Up
  • Addressing Misconceptions

Digital Marketing

This two-part workshop will enhance participants’ understanding of marketing strategy and essential principles of social media for businesses

Learn About

  • Digital Marketing Channels
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing
  • Storytelling Techniques
  • Integrating Offline and Digital Marketing Strategies

Business Model Canvas

Designed for entrepreneurs and active business owners, this interactive session will help participants advance their ideas and elevate their business plans.

Learn About

  • Business Concept Mapping
  • Preparation and precursor to “Crafting A Winning Business Plan” workshop

Crafting A Winning Business Plan

Participants will apply the knowledge gained in the Business Model Canvas session to create a structured business plan for their business.

Learn About

  • Developing Your Business Plan

Business Succession Planning

This workshop is designed for those contemplating retirement or the sale of their business.

Learn About

  • The Exit Process
  • Essential Tools
  • Crucial Questions

Interested in attending or hosting a workshop?

CFL has been an incredible sounding board for my business goals. The team is welcoming and understanding, making me feel valued and heard. You are not a number to them; they are resourceful, solution-focused, and provide invaluable guidance.

Sarah Bilagot Armstrong30 Minute Hit

CFL has been exactly what they should be! A repository of experience & networking, to provide whatever is lacking so that entrepreneurs like myself can go from concept to functioning business.

Will GrahamBleeding Edge Tattoo Supply

Don't even think about starting a business without the help of CFL! They are such a valuable asset to any business.

Nicole & John MooreJunior Baker

CFL’s team of seasoned experts are fully devoted to aiding you in maneuvering through the complexities of the business world and accomplishing your aspirations. Because of CFL, my dreams were given the opportunity to materialize.

Keegan WadeBridgeview Marine Services

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